MacCaps Repair Service


I can help!

Macintosh √

NeXT √

Amiga √

And other vintage and modern logic boards including:

Ham Radios, for example the Kenwood TS-50s --- these older 90‘s rig’s need

there caps changed! They are full of 47uf, 10uf, 22uf, leaky cans, and it causes

all kinds of issues.

Do you want stock capacitors? I can do that!

Ceramics? Organic polymers? I can do that!

My price for one board ranges from $25 to $69 Dollars +Caps (Start at $10 Bucks)

(for most boards) Plus return shipping. If you want me to do more then 4 boards at a time, I can be more flexible to help get the price down some.

Power supply Re-Caps start at $25. Prices increase with complexity and capacitor count.

For anything over and above a normal re-cap i charge a $36 an hour bench fee. Sometimes

vintage project can get involved, but after the re-cap i will let you know and we can go from there.

I also charge a $35 Whole Computer fee now.

if if you do not want to remove and send me just your bare boards, that is fine you can send me the whole computer for a fee.

And its always plus return shipping no matter what, you have to send the return shipping along

so i can send your items back.

I am equipped to re-cap pretty much anything you have. Vintage computers, power supplies, big-screen LCD TVs, LCD monitors, PC motherboards, even handheld gaming devices with defective capacitors.

Simply ship your boards to me and consider it done! I will remove old capacitors, clear the solder pads, thoroughly wash the boards to remove all leaked electrolyte, re-cap, test and apply an Anti-Corrosion Treatment (preventative maintenance) before sending it back to you.

Email for scheduling and more information


Charles.  AKA - (Uniserver)


Need a Re-Cap? I can help ...